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4-5 May 2017 

We are delighted to announce that their rst "Peace through Art" Prize on 4 and 5 May 2017 took place in Herzliya Israel. 80 excited students from the Arab New High School in Kfar Kassem and the Jewish Hayovel High School in Herzliya worked together in pairs, one Arab student and one Jewish student to produce an original piece of artwork with the theme “Together we are Stronger”. Alongside their artwork, they have been asked to write a one-page description in English.

The first round of Judging took place in Israel and all the artwork has now arrived in London, where the winning three pairs is chosen by the end of May. 

The art prize  awarded to the students who, in the judges’ opinion, have not only produced a piece of original and well-designed artwork that encapsulates this year’s theme, but are also able to demonstrate through their description, how they worked together cooperatively to come up with the ideas behind the work and how they brought their ideas to life. The students chose different media in which to work, some painted or produced collages, whilst others demonstrated their creativity through photography. 

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