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Arts and Culture Foundation London (ACF) takes its roots from ACF Israel, its sister charity organisation, which was established in 1991 by energetic and enthusiastic academics with the main aim of promoting Education, Culture, Arts, Sports and Empowerment of Women and supporting the dialogue of peace and tolerance across Middle East.

ACF Israel has carried out many activities since 1991, including building a public library that serves thousands of visitors each year such as students and members of the general public. In addition it has built many sports facilities including football and basketball grounds across the village. It has also financially supported local basketball team, building a number of arts facilities, schools and museums.

ACF Israel with its extensive social engagement has inspired the promotion of cultural tolerance and coexistence and brought it to the international level by collaborating with ACF London. 


What We Do

Our Vision

ACF’s vision is to enable young people from different cultures to interact together, to develop leadership skills and promote positive ideas of tolerance and co-existance. 

Our aim is to fight ignorance, intolerance and prejudice. Through sporting activities, educational workshops and artistic projects, we believe we can break down the old barrier to communication and cooperation and bring out the new ways of thinking and co-existence. 

In addition we tend to develop educational exchange programmes between schools in Israel and schools in the UK. 

Our Mission

Building the foundation for lasting peace through the joy of arts, sports and cultural events and to develop a healthy interaction between young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. 

Our Values

  • To contribute to the promotion of world peace through activities that build lasting relationships across diverse religious and cultural groups.

  • To foster team spirit and co-operation and forge lasting friendships.

  • To build leadership capabilities and develop the minds of young people to become responsible and informed citizens of the world.​

  • To develop awareness for leadership capacities, social responsibility and respect for community development through a creative approach.

  • To enable children and young people to find their voices, build their artistic, cultural and leadership skills and inform and influence their world. 

Our Goal

The goal of ACF is to provide a safe and secure environment where youth can develop leadership and community engagement skills, leading to community building, responsible citizenship, and an appreciation for cultural diversity to actively promote coexistence and dialogue within an interactive business environment. 

What We Want To Do
Our goals
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