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What is Student Exchange programme? 

ACF has been supporting and empowering students with exchange programmes for the past six years. Since 2010, both high schools have had positive feedback from participants. The exchange programmes have provided the students with the ability to discover and understand various communities and most importantly respect for others.

The project offers a safety net environment based on the successful outcome of a pilot project that focused primarily on students from the New High School and Ramat Hasharon High School. Students representing both high schools are introduced to the concept of open discussion tackling various subjects freely without any societal and political constraints.

The aim of the programme is to build national collaborations across high schools based on the pilot project between The New High School and Ramat-Hasharon model that has proved successful. 

How do we plan to achieve a successful outcome?


The series of round table sessions will be identified by both high schools as part of establishing the building blocks for the student exchange programme.

Quarterly sessions will be held allowing students from various cities to visit each other’s classrooms and discuss current community and regional issues that promote the integration of students from various communities. Students will identify common community challenges as well as the importance of educational tolerance.

The second part of the exchange programme focuses on quarterly house exchange where students will visit each other’s homes i.e. between Arab and Jewish students and have the opportunity to explore ways of life by identifying cultural mentality with the main aim of promoting tolerance practices and implementing them in reality.

In the future we anticipate rolling our student exchange programmes between Israel and the UK, and in due course to other countries. 

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