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ACF “Peace Through Arts” project 2017 is an open two dimensional media art competition to Israeli High School students from diverse backgrounds to express their vision and feelings towards peace and co-existence demonstrated in an art piece.

The theme for 2017 art competition, “Together we are stronger”, should emphasize cross-cultural collaborations, globalization and global well-being. 


ACF will organise a number of events, talks and workshops in order to sustain and develop creative and artistic skills among young people interested in art and culture.

Furthermore, the workshops will take place in a safe and secure environment, where youth can develop leadership skills and an appreciation for cultural diversity to actively promote coexistence and dialogue.

Our workshops are led by professors and artists from different backgrounds and artistic practices in order to sustain and develop the diversity and promote innovative classes with beneficial educational outcomes. 


ACF seminars provide an opportunity to explore thematic topics identifying current challenges and opportunities to advance solutions.

ACF seminars are designed to provide a real life model simulation that will act as a sustainable knowledge forum around the world to express participants desire for positive change through art and culture.

We hope that the students will expand on pre-existing notions of tolerance, co-existence and communal dialogue to create a positive understanding of current affairs. 

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