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ACF (Arts and Culture Foundation) in Israel, through unique sport programmes, aims to promote tolerance and coexistence among youth from different backgrounds.

In 2016, the ACF sport programme is proud to announce a long awaited partnership with the Etihad Israeli professional football team. Etihad Israeli team will work with the youth through mentorship sport programmes and develop key sport skills.

The ACF Committee is in the final stages of building the stadium and sports complex The sports venue will be based in the village of Kfar Kassem and expected to be delivered by the beginning of 2017.

Students from both high schools will participate in a joint sports programme and train with the professional football players. The programme is based on ACF sports curriculum that highlights the importance of sports as a medium to equip students with leadership and team building skills. More importantly, the programme recognises the importance of balancing academic excellence and sports as an interactive academic medium.

ACF is proud to support unique sport programmes that enable students to interact with each other as well as to encourage tolerance among youth from different backgrounds.

ACF recognises the importance of sport as a medium for improving performance, students’ confidence and leadership abilities.

Football studies programmes provide much-needed inspiration for youth in Israel who have been exposed to the current socio-economic challenges in the country.

ACF supports the notion that total immersion in education and sport programmes enables youth to develop their educational attainment and hone their sport skills. 


As part of the sport initiative, ACF is introducing sport facilities where youth from neighbouring communities can get together and build a healthy interaction. This is an ambitious two-year project where 15- 20 children from each community will be selected from high schools. This presents a great opportunity to develop support within entire communities lifting them out of preconceived societal notions.


At this stage, we are looking for partners to support and develop the work done by the foundation. It is a great opportunity to engage with youth from various communities in Israel.

ACF is inspired by the work of organisations worldwide such as the UK and the Philippines. We want to create intra-community tournaments with joint and cross-cultural teams. We intend to use the local tournaments as a vehicle to raise funds for joint projects run by the football teams across communities that have a direct social impact.

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