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"Peace Through Art"

ACF “PEACE THROUGH ART” project 2017 is an open two dimensional media art competition to Israeli High School students from diverse backgrounds to express their vision and feelings towards peace and co-existence demonstrated in an art piece.

The theme for 2017 art competition, “TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER”, should emphasize cross-cultural collaborations, globalization and global well-being. 


Our aim is to promote the benefits of globalization, fighting ignorance, intolerance and prejudice and therefore increasing world- wide knowledge through implementing art competitions in areas of conflict 


This is a great opportunity for young students who want to gain visibility and promote their ideas on national and international platforms. Students who want to express their desire for positive change in today’s world. 

By including the next generation in the planning of the future, the competition aims to enhance students’ awareness and to allow their ideas to shape the future. 


The fundamental goal of the ACF projects is to help build up a stable organisation with the purpose of ensuring global well-being and peaceful living.


Each Pair (one student from Hayovel and one student from the New School working together) are invited to submit a piece of original work under the theme “Together we are Stronger”.  They may also give their submission a sub-title of their own choosing.


Students entering the competition are asked to submit the following:


  • The completed original piece of artwork.

  • A one page description of how the artists worked together to agree the design and detailing from where they took their inspiration.

  • The completed entry form.


All teams should submit their finished work and entry form by Wednesday, 31 May 2017. From the open submission, the judging panel will select 10 works to go forward to a final selection panel and exhibition in London. The judges will then select the top three to take the final prize.



Work that does not fit within the Conditions of Entry will not be admissible and will not be considered for exhibition. The following are not admissible:


  • Copies of works

  • Works that are in breach of copyright.

  • Works that have been previously exhibited

  • Works that contains noxious or toxic substances, are flammable below 50°F or incorporate dangerous electrical equipment.


Students are reminded that all work submitted must conform to all health and safety standards and regulations.




The judges’ decision is final and all works will be judged anonymously and there will be no segregation by country, genre or style etc.




Whilst ACF shall use reasonable skill in all circumstances in handling students’ works, occasional damage to works may occur and the foundation cannot be held responsible for any liability in connection with damage to individual submissions.




The top three prize winners will be notified as soon as possible after the final judging process on 31 July 2017 and no later than Thursday, 3 August 2017.  The top three winning teams will be invited to come to London with teachers in early September 2017 to spend a week with ACF UK and to sightsee and explore London and the surrounding countryside. 




All works not selected for the next stage of judging in London will be returned to the artists by end of August 2017.  Works sent to London that are not sold at auction will be returned to the artists by the end of January 2018.

By encouraging and empowering youth around the world ACF goals are:


  • To showcase art from students and give them an opportunity to have their say on world events and global wellbeing.


  • To reveal and promote talented students and support them in their artistic practice.


  • To showcase up to 20 original works that explore and celebrate the diversity, excellence and range of current contemporary art practice worldwide.


  • To give the opportunity for artists abroad to showcase in one of the biggest art centers in the world.


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