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On 28/09/2016, Lord Simon Reading, the Chairman of ACF, visited The New Highschool in Kfar Kassem and met the students from Exchange Programme.  

On 10/03/2016, The New Highschool  has coordinated cross-cultural student exchange programme between  the Rutterberg Harmat Sharon Highschool and The New Highschool.  The New Highschool was represented by  Principle Mr Adnan Sarsur, Ms Fatema Baddawi, Ms Saja Sarsur; the Rutterberg Harmat Sharon Highschool was represented by Principle Tamy Kadroun and her team.


The Rutterberg Harmat Sharon Highschool welcomed the parents of the students from The New Highschool in Kfar Kassem  who met  with parents of the students from Harmat Sharon. This exchange program explored new cross-cultural boundaries and created an exciting new time for Jewish ad Arab families and students from Kfar Kassem and Harmat Sharon.

On  11/03/2016 , ACF  has successfully  piloted English language sessions with highschool students at Kfar Kassem Highschool. Alongside these on-going sessions, we are proud to have collaborated with the US State Department in Israel on a series of sessions that brought together exceptional students, both Arab and Jews, working together in a safe educational environment. The sessions were coordinated by teachers from Kfar Kassem Highschool as well as American teachers. This successful project concluded with students being presented certeficates of participation.

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